Designs with the WOW Factor are the kind of designs that can win awards. Winning awards is gratifying and can provide new marketing opportunities.

Abacus Graphics Stories   •   Rogue 1996 Catalog

Front and Back covers – Award Winning Rogue ’96 Catalog

Winning awards for your designs always feels good! It validates your work as having the WOW Factor.

In the 90s we were designers for Pure Juice, a formidable company in the outdoor/action sports industry. Pure Juice was one of the leading companies making sandals and was expanding their business by adding new product lines.

We designed a brochure for their new Rogue line of Watersport Sandals, the Rogue ’96 catalog for Pure Juice, Inc., which won the Grand Prize in the First Annual Digital Stock Creative License Contest.

The WOW Factor

Okay, so what is the WOW Factor and what does it take to achieve it and create the kind of designs that can win awards?

The WOW Factor should stand out from the competition, it should catch and hold the eye, create excitement or interest, and communicate instantly.

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Focus on The User

We developed the creative design concept for the Rogue ’96 catalog to appeal to the outdoor enthusiast interested in water-related sports.

We used an uncoated paper with a subtle earth tone and texture and four color printing. The design concept was to emulate the look of a photo album with each of the nine spreads featuring a different product in the Rogue line.

Each spread featured professional product photos and graphics, technical specification call outs, and lifestyle photos. This is where we utilized some of the Digital Stock images that we licensed. We manipulated the stock images using our digital design tools to create the special effects that turned the typical photos into unusual and interesting illustrations.