Happy clients…

Working with John R. Webster of Abacus Graphics was a great experience. I had an initial design idea for my site and along with great suggestions from John, he was able to give me exactly what I wanted. The process was smooth, fun, and in the end I received a site that exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend John R. Webster and Abacus Graphics. He did a great job.
— Chris Fischer, CEO, The Grove Point Press – TheGrovePointPress.com

John Webster has the professional skills and determination needed to transform your perception of need into a web site that will meet and exceed all expectations. He created for me an interactive web site that allows access to published newspaper columns, the posting of news announcements and multiple resources dealing with the need to reform state and government operations, all at the touch of a keyboard. He aced this requirement and I couldn’t be more pleased with his personal interest and on-going support of what I am trying to accomplish.
— Hal Peterson, ReformAlbanyNowRegistry.com

John and Francie are more than mere artists. To say they are “creative” is an understatement. Listening skills and sensitivity to our organization’s mission and purpose are two of their greatest assets. Their attention to detail allows projects to be efficiently completed without requiring a lot of time making corrections. Abacus Graphics delivers an exceptional product, time after time, and we rely on them for many of our graphic art needs.
— North County Child Study Center, Carlsbad, California

Just wanted to say how delighted we are with the finished brochure. Thank you both for all the hard work and effort in getting it there.
— Yvonne Hunt, Dream Maker Builders

Abacus Graphics did a fantastic job designing the dust jacket and internal layout for my novel, Diamond Deception. John and Francie were very professional and personable and clearly have an enormous amount of experience. The work was completed on time and at very competitive rates. I will use them again and recommend others to do so.
— Peter Skinner, Author / Publisher – Activus Publishing

Abacus Graphics takes great care in providing excellent interior book design. I highly recommend them.
— Rod Colvin, Publisher – Addicus Books

John, it’s so thrilling to see your design of the new logo for Literacy for Life — it’s gorgeous!! I think it is an absolute winner. Very nicely done!
— Susan Nicoletti, Literacy for Life Foundation through PMA

We are getting great feedback on both the cover and the interior design. We have many opportunities to sing the praises of Abacus Graphics. We are thankful for you and the awesome work you do. We have benefited from your commitment to excellence. Thank you so much for your awesomely excellent work on the Eternal Route 66 book. We could not be more pleased. You both were so helpful and encouraging from our very first inquiry.
— Chuck Williams, Chicken Fried Publishing

Congratulations! I think the 2006 PMA Publishing University Brochure is perhaps the most attractive and appealing one I have ever seen. I love the faces on the cover! Kudos to all who worked on the piece. It really looks nice. Kudos to your design team! I just received my 2005 PMA University brochure and was very impressed with the design and elegance of the presentation. Please relay my compliments to your designers.
— Robin Bartlett

The National Association of Music Members’ Press Kit is the best graphics and layout to cross my desk in many years. I wish it was ours.
— Jack Maher

This is the best cover I have seen in the 10 years I have been here. Great job!!!
— Terry Nathan, Publishers Marketing Association

I just spent 45 minutes at PMA-online.org. The new site is OUTSTANDING! I like the readable type, easy navigation, feeling of inclusiveness. The volume of information is astonishing.
— Kent Sturgis, Epicenter Press

Consider Your Options is a tremendous success, having reached as high as number 163 among all books on Amazon.com. We’re getting ready for our second printing already – only six weeks after the first one! From what I can make out, people think the contents are OK, but the thing they find irresistible is the cover.
— Kaye Thomas, Author and Publisher, Fairmark Press

I can’t tell you how many complements I have had on the appearance of the book. Thank you, Thank you.
— Mecca Carpenter, author and publisher Southside Press Author of “No Regrets: Dr. Ben Reitman and the Women Who Loved Him”

This year again, John Webster and Francie Droll of Abacus Graphics, did a spectacular job of designing this Call for Entries, allowing us to have another beautiful poster to place on our wall.”
— Jan Nathan, Publishers Marketing Association

Let me start by saying how completely pleased we all are with what you’ve created for the prostate conference. The brochure truly captures the mood we were going for: professional, clean, cutting-edge. I think it will be the best brochure we will have produced since I’ve been around, thanks for your excellent work.
— Susan Westwood, AMA, Inc.

So many times, John, we call you up to make last minute changes or redesign a concept. But very seldom do we call you to say ‘thanks’ — or to let you know how much we appreciate your help in completing a project or meeting a deadline. Thank you very much for the extra time and energy you and your people put in on our ad. With your help, we were able to stay on schedule. Thank you.
— Francine Linhart, Director of Education, NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants)

I just received the first issue of “Eating Disorders Today” – great job on putting together a fantastic newsletter. Besides the great content, the layout and overall visual impact of the newsletter is terrific. Congratulations!
— Bill Earl, Remuda Ranch

I wanted to comment on the new look of the PMA Newsletter. It is so clear and clean and refreshing. Please compliment all of you who conceptualized and designed the new format.
— Carra Robertson, publisher